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Beijing Reland Petro-Tech. Co., Ltd is a high and new technology enterprise registered in Zhongguancun of Beijing in December, 2004. In the end of 2008, it became National First batch Authentication High and new technology Enterprise, simultaneously passed the software enterprise authentication. 

 The company is committed to the integrated technology solutions of geology and geophysics for petroleum exploration and development. The main operations include: seismic acquisition design of the third party, field acquisition technical support and quality controlling, seismic data processing, seismic interpretation and reservoir evaluation, software research, development and sales, and engineering supervision. At the same time, depending on its own superiority of technology, management and resources conformity, the company has already stepped out the first step to the oil gas exploration and the development domain.

We have been committed to the completion of more than 200 domestic and foreign projects for CNPC, Sinopec and CNOOC. We have the stable market in the five big oil fields of Daqing, Xinjiang, Liaohe, Jilin, and Tarim, and the technical strength, integrated technical superiority, and service brand have been gradually recognized by the client. We have raised a strong management and technical team with good behavior, well-knit technology and strong cohesive force. In several years, The company’s technology strength, the output value and the scale have advanced in the front row of domestic privately operated petroleum geophysics technical service companies.


Company Ideas:  

  • Insist on the people-oriented culture, to attract, retain the talents and create the enterprise atmosphere of enabling each person to develop his abilities, enjoying their job and developing the career together.  
  • Insist on management and technological innovation, to create top-ranking team. To find foothold in the market by top-ranking management and the variation of brand services of top-ranking technical.
  • Insist on specialization, diversification and internationalization strategies for sustainable development path, to make the integration service of petroleum prospecting bigger and stronger, and actively to extend to the domestic and foreign resource prospecting and development domain to realize company’s development by leaps and bounds.

Main Equipments:

  • PC-Cluster: 2048 CPU
  • Interpretation & inversion server (8 CPU):25, terminal: 40
  • PC & microcomputer: 160
  • Total capacity of the disk: 600TB
  • Different input/output & drawing installation

The main management team and the technical backbones are from the international top-banking geophysics company, and the management team has many years’ successful experience of enterprise management.
There are more than 100 people in ReLand, of whom above 90% of them are bachelors, 3 doctors and 13 masters.which include:

  • Acquisition personnel:    10
  •  Processing personnel:   15
  • Interpretation & reservoir evaluation personnel: 40
  • Technique & software personnel:        8
  •  Marketing personnel:       5
  •  Engineering supervisor: 10
  •  Senior management personnel:        5
  •  Other management personnel:       10

Annual Business Capability:

  • Seismic acquisition design /field technical support & quality controlling:80(2D&3D)
  • Seismic data processing:5000 k㎡
  • Seismic interpretation and reservoir evaluation :20 (include integration items)


Organizational Structure
Companies and organizations have headquarters in Beijing, Karamay Branch, Tarim ...
Personnel Staff
Our main management team and the technical backbones are from the international ...
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