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    Beijing Rui Lang Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd. is registered in 2004 in Beijing's Zhongguancun high-paying technology companies, software companies certified by colleagues, in 2012, again in 2015 by the high-paying technology enterprise certification. The company is committed to providing integrated technology solutions for geophysical petroleum exploration and development, including the main business: third-party seismic acquisition design, seismic acquisition on-site quality control, seismic data processing, interpretation and reservoir integrated research, software development and sales, etc. .


Beijing Rui Lang Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd. is one of PetroChina Company field seismic acquisition techniques to support the main unit, assumed the Daqing Oilfield Company, PetroChina, Jilin, Liaohe, Xinjiang, Tarim, Sichuan, Sinopec, CNOOC Bohai Branch and other units a plurality of seismic acquisition design projects.
Long-term commitment to research and methods of collecting geophysical prospecting abroad, has a wealth of experience and sound technical capabilities in the design of seismic acquisition program, with the acquisition of technical experience for a variety of complex geological conditions in different areas and design, including the completion of over mountain two-dimensional, three-dimensional seismic acquisition design a variety of complex surface geological conditions in the desert, Gobi, swamps, urban, marine and other.

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