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China National Petroleum 3 laboratories become national engineering laboratory

September 21, the National Development and Reform Commission officially announced the list of national engineering laboratories, the field of petroleum and petrochemical a total of six national engineering laboratory shortlisted, including China Petroleum, three laboratories.
Publicity results show that the list published 167 national engineering laboratories. Changqing Petroleum Exploration Bureau, Pipeline Bureau and Drilling Engineering Technology Research Institute undertook the National Engineering Laboratory for Exploration and Development of Low Permeability Oil and Gas Fields, the National Engineering Laboratory for Oil and Gas Pipeline Transportation Safety and the National Engineering Laboratory for Oil and Gas Drilling Technology respectively.

At the same time, the field of petroleum and petrochemical finalists are Tianjin Chemical Research and Design Institute bear the Petrochemical Industry Water Treatment National Engineering Laboratory, CNOOC Research Center to undertake the offshore oil exploration national engineering laboratory, and China University of Petroleum (East China) And National Engineering Laboratory for Exploration Equipment.

It is reported that the National Development and Reform Commission in charge of the National Engineering Laboratory is an important component of the national science and technology innovation system, is relying on enterprises, research institutions, scientific research institutes or universities established research and development entities.

As an important industrial technology infrastructure, the National Engineering Laboratory was incorporated into the national long-term scientific and technological development planning framework to enhance the industry's ability to innovate and core competitiveness, industrial structure adjustment and key industries in the development of key technology and equipment control, We will strengthen the technical support and guarantee for major national strategic tasks and key projects, and promote the overall development of core technology development and experimental ability, such as strategic, forward-looking and key technologies. This is to speed up China's industrial development and technological progress, building an innovative country to provide important technical support.

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