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It is an inevitable direction for the extension of oil/gas exploration and development to achieve the strategy of diversification and internationalization.

The company always provides the integrated technology solutions of exploration and development for the oil companies.  It has various talents on oil and gas exploration and development and unique advantages on resources conformity, management and technology. After a long time of full research, the company chooses Western Canada Basin with a feature of "small-scale, low cost, low-risk, high return" as the breakthrough point, at the end of 2007, it began to intervene in Canadian oil and gas exploration and development orderly.

For more than a year, the company organizes the experts of domestic exploration and development, with the Canadian staff ahead of the operation to work together, gives full play of advantages of technique and experience of domestic experts, carries out a large number of researches and evaluations of hydrocarbon resources and acquires a number of blocks. In this way, the company accumulates the operation experience and makes a good start.

At the same time, the company has been actively involved in Indonesia's oil and gas exploration and development projects, carried out the study and evaluation for a number of blocks with good development potential and value, and the further co-operation is in progress.  Please see details as follwoing attached file

 Overview of Indonisia Project and Framework of Cooperation Agreement.rar

For the further development of this business, the company is now actively seeking the visional and strong funds partners both in domestic and international to exploit their own strengths to develop the oil and gas exploration and development operations both in domestic and international together. In this way, it can makes the company realizes the development from a single technical services company to small oil companies in transition by leaps and bounds.

Oil/gas Exploration & Development
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