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The research and development of software is always the stress service domain in the company, and the company has the experience abilities and resources to develop the international first-class software. 

In recent years, in accordance with our own fund ability, the company continuously invests and carries on the research and development of different kind of technological reserve in profession software area, which has obtained the successful breakthrough.  

The research and development of technology and the software will unceasingly strengthen the core competitive power of company, promote the technical service brand, and provide useless power for the sustainable development of company.

Simultaneously, the software industrialization will become the next strong growth of the new service domain for the company.


ReLand.Frame v1.0 -- ReLand Software Development Platform System
ReLand.SeisDesign v1.0
ReLand.SeisModel v1.0
ReLand.SeisQC v1.0 -- Seismic Acquisition Monitoring System
RLSN v1.0 -- S/N processing of Enhance System
RLMS v1.0 -- ReLand Multi-component Processing System
SDD v1.0 -- Two-phase Media Hydrocarbon Forecasting System
RLES-Model Statics
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