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RELAND has developed the petroleum software development platform: ReLandFrame for three years, with the proprietary intellectual property rights.  This platform system is aimed at the characteristic and demand of specialized software on petroleum exploration and development, which combines with the expert's wisdom in numerous domains. It adopts the advanced software development technology, and has provided the leading software basement technology and the powerful, specialized function platform for the second-development of specialized application software. The whole is in the international leading level of this profession.


Platform Application
On one hand, RELAND unifies their own technical service predominance, while depends on this platform to develop our own characteristic application software, such as ReLand.SeisQC (completed), ReLand.SeisDesign (under developing),  and ReLand.STOR and so on, which promote our own brand widely.
On the other hand, RELAND relies on this advanced software platform technology to open the cooperation broadly. We can provide the customers specialized and custom-made software development service, which can promote the specialized level of software for the customers and reduce its research and development cycle.

Composition and characteristics of platform
1. General graphic display of interactive components
 -  A variety of integrated graphics output and printing function
 -  Abundant interactive editing tools
 -  Easy secondary development & extension
2. Display components of seismic data
 -  A unified interface to read data in support of SEGY, GRISYS, SEGD format, etc., and also supports the massive data
 -  30 kinds of characteristics and attributes of the display controlling
3. Workflow Components
 -  Data unit, processing unit, display unit
 -  Fast & multi-level linkage update mechanism, view synchronization mechanism
 -  A snapshot template to achieve the rapid reproduction of parameters, flow and results
 -  Multithreading applications
4. DotnetExt user interface components
 -  Integrate more than 100 commonly-used controls of its owning
 -  Compared to the traditional controls, DotnetExt is more beautiful and more flexible
 -  DotnetExt greatly enriched the  users’ experience
 -  The current one is 2.0 version

ReLand.Frame v1.0 -- ReLand Software Development Platform System
ReLand.SeisDesign v1.0
ReLand.SeisModel v1.0
ReLand.SeisQC v1.0 -- Seismic Acquisition Monitoring System
RLSN v1.0 -- S/N processing of Enhance System
RLMS v1.0 -- ReLand Multi-component Processing System
SDD v1.0 -- Two-phase Media Hydrocarbon Forecasting System
RLES-Model Statics
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